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Ulverston WalkFest 2020

Saturday 25th April - Monday 4th May 2020




Booking and payment

At present we have no advance booking system.

Walk fees should be paid in cash to the walk leader before the walk starts.  Correct money would be gratefully appreciated as leaders may not have change.  

All children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult both on walks and at other events.  There is no charge on walks for accompanied children but for all other events the admission charge applies. 


Car Sharing

A car sharing scheme operates from Ford Park, Ulverston where indicated in the walk details.  This is intended to reduce the amount of cars going to the start of a walk and is not a guarantee of a place being available in a car.  A minibus service may be available and, again, this will be indicated in the walk details and there is no guarantee of a place.


Walk grades

Those walks graded as hard include significant ascent.  However, they should be well within the capabilities of an average hill walker and will be conducted at a pace comfortable for all those attending.


Rights and Responsibilities

All the walks are led by experienced volunteer walk leaders.  Whilst they will take all possible steps to ensure the safety and comfort of the group, your comfort and safety is your responsibility.  Please also be considerate of other members of the group to facilitate a good experience for all.


Walk leaders reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone not considered adequately clothed or equipped for that particular walk.  


Walk leaders reserve the right to alter or cancel a walk if they consider the conditions might compromise safety or comfort.


We kindly request that you accept the pace of the walk that the leader has set.  Any participant walking ahead of the leader to the extent that they cannot be seen will be considered to have left the group.  Similarly, if a walker needs to leave the group for a 'comfort stop' the back marker or another member of the group should be told.  


If a participant wishes to permanently leave a walk the walk leader personally must be informed.


The festival organisers cannot accept responsibility for any injury, damage or loss to an individual or possessions resulting from participation in the festival.



Dogs are allowed on all walks unless it is indicated in the details. All dogs must be kept on a lead whilst walking on a public highway and on private land with livestock.

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